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Hello Spring, Goodbye Easter!?

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March 20, 2022 marks the vernal equinox and the start of spring. I feel a little giddy about it. I love springtime. It always feels like everything is possible during spring. Things can get better. Relationships can heal. We can get stronger. Recovery feels possible during spring. It's as if the universe gives us just a bit more fuel to get up the mountain and perhaps even enjoy the trip along the way.

As a child spring always meant, time for Easter. My mother would take me shopping for a new Easter dress, shoes, and tights, sometimes gloves and a purse, never a hat. A hat would hide the glorious artwork that my mother would create with my hair. Although shopping for my Easter attire was fun for me, it was never what I was most excited about. I was excited about the next thing that we would shop for, the Easter basket. Actually, as I think about it, in early childhood I wasn't part of the shopping experience. Instead, my basket would just appear either a few days before or on Easter day itself. It was brought by the Easter bunny. I loved that damn rabbit more than anything. Truth be told if I'm honest I really preferred him over Santa. I can't say exactly why, but I'm sure it has something to do with when the Easter bunny arrived. The Springtime. I believe I gave him credit for not only all of the pastel-colored goodies in my basket but also for the pastel-painted nature that awaited me outside.

This is the first Spring that I will experience without my mother. The pain of this fact is quite indescribable. She was like the living embodiment of Spring and I am very unsure of how her absence will reshape my enjoyment of the season. I will do my best to honor her by living as well as I possibly can. This will also be the first year that I mindfully choose to not celebrate Easter, at least not in the traditional sense. I will keep the rituals that I delight in, the dying of eggs, the gifting of baskets, and of course some type of feast. Instead of Easter, I will celebrate Ostara. I will meditate, dance, plant seeds, and perhaps try my hand at creating a bit of bunny art. I will remember my mother, her hands, her love, her beautiful spirit. I will honor her with my love of her memory, my love of the earth, and my enjoyment of all that is available to me. I encourage you to celebrate the arrival of spring in the way that best suits you. Do what resonates most with you and leads you to your highest good. Be it Easter, or Ostara, Purim, or Holi celebrate in the way that brings your highest joy. Happy Spring!! Namaste.

Crystals to Use During the Vernal Equinox

  1. Moss Agate- abundance, wealth, love

  2. Green Aventurine- wealth, opportunity, rejuvenation

  3. Ocean Jasper- stress reduction, relieve anxiety, block negativity

Boost Your Abundance in 3 Minutes

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