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CBD and Diabetes Treatment


By now, you must have heard how CBD has become a cure-all substance for almost any health condition. It is a naturally occurring cannabinoid extracted from Cannabis sativa or industrial hemp and cannot cause any intoxicating effects. More and more institutions are carrying out research on how CBD can help in controlling diabetes or reducing the risk. CBD has been shown to control blood sugar levels, inflammation, and ease nerve pain caused by diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus is a group of diseases that can affect our body's ability to use glucose. As glucose is the main energy unit, its underutilization can affect the tissues and muscles all around the body. Irrespective of the type of diabetes, the condition can lead to excess sugar in the blood, which can cause serious health issues.

Research on CBD and Diabetes

More solid evidence on how CBD can be an effective solution for diabetes is being discovered each day. Preliminary research has shown that it can be quite helpful in:

  • Reducing high blood sugar or hyperglycemia

  • Lowering bad fat or cholesterol level

  • Increasing insulin production

In some patients with diabetes, it is also accompanied by nerve pain and swelling. Chronic inflammation during diabetes affects the hands and feet of the patients. The topical application of CBD products can also help in easing localized pain and inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can help in lowering the risk of diabetes in patients who have a higher tendency because of genetic factors. Research has also shown that CBD can promote good fat by helping the body turn white fat into healthy brown fat.

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